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Tyremarks raise money for a Defibrillator, a lifesaving piece of equipment


Mark, Farrah & the team are very proud to be celebrating TYREMARKS 12th Birthday this month. Wanting to do something a little special to celebrate our Birthday we decided to raise money for a lifesaving piece of equipment, a Defibrillator! Mark told us "After getting involved with the fund raising for the Defib in Tavistock's Square a couple years ago I've realised what a great, essential, lifesaving piece of equipment they really are. A Defib or (AED) is a portable device used to administer an electric shock to the heart and restore the heart's normal rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest, so it's like a jump pack for humans. The facts are pretty amazing. If you can get to a Defib within 3 minutes it will increase your chances of survival from around 5% up to a whopping 74%! So without a doubt these really are important pieces of equipment to have near".

As Westbridge Industrial Estate and Pixon Lane is such a busy area with a lot of businesses and a lot of people we thought it would be great to have a Defib on hand just in case it was ever needed. So after a chat with Paul Johnson and Tavistock's Community First Responders we came up with a plan. TYREMARKS have pledged to donate £1 from every tyre sold in the month in October towards the purchase of a Defibrillator and the box required so it can be placed out the front of our depot at 5 Westbridge Industrial Estate. This will cover the Westbridge Industrial Estate, Pixon Lane and surrounding areas.

Once the Defib has been installed we will also be running a simple training event open to the public for the use of a Defibrillator. This will be open to anyone and will show you how simple these machines are to use. Most Defibs work the same way and are all very easy to use, the machine talks you through exactly what to do, you really can't go wrong, but often we find without seeing it for yourself a lot of people are worried about using these machines, so the training event will prove how simple they are and to give people confidence in using one if ever required. Hopefully this machine will never be needed, but once installed it will be available for anyone to use 24 hours a day. Please keep an eye out or pop in to find out more about our FREE Defib training event coming soon.

Posted November 2019

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