Mechanical Services
TyreMarks of Tavistock offer a range of mechanical and electrical services

Our team of mechanics can check, adjust, repair or replace just about any mechanical or electrical component. We cater for just about anything on every vehicle under 7.5 ton. Whether it's Brakes, Suspension, Wheel Alignment, Exhausts, Clutches, Gear Boxes, Timing Belt kits, head Gaskets, Engine Replacement, Engine Tuning and much much more.

We carry the largest stock of batteries in the area, everything from a remote control to a lawnmower to a lorry, we keep it all on the shelf.

As well as general automotive repair we also offer several specialist services such as HYDROFLOW Engine Carbon Cleaning , FORTRON Fuel Injector Cleaning and ECU remapping.

To diagnose vehicle problems, we use some of the very latest equipment on offer today including diagnostic tools from LAUNCH, SNAP ON & VAGCOM together with a Smoke machine & Thermal Imaging camera are just some of the latest tools we use to diagnose problems with engine management systems, ABS, airbags, traction control & electrical systems. These tools enable our fully trained staff to detect and analyse problems with vehicles from all over the world.