Fuel Injector Cleaning - Fortron Injector Max

Vehicle Fuel Injector Cleaning Services

Benefits of Injector Cleaning

  • Improved MPG
  • More Power from your Engine
  • Lower Exhaust Emissions
  • A Smoother and more Responsive Throttle
  • Fuel Injector Cleaning Treatment £99 + VAT


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FORTRON INJECTOR MAX - Fuel Injector Cleaning

Another specialist service brought to you by TyreMarks, FORTRON Diesel an Petrol Injector Cleaning.

Anyone that has had the misfortune of having an Injector fault in recent years will understand the importance of a machine like this. Injector faults are more than common in modern day vehicles, they are also a very expensive item to replace, often £200+ per injector, so a quick and easy option to have a specific Injector clean without having to remove the Injectors from your vehicle will save you money.

With any engine whether it's in a car, van or anything else, fuel injectors suffer from heat soak when the engine is turned off. The continued engine heat causes fuel to evaporate at the injectors, resulting in a gum, varnish and tar deposits accumulating around and on the fuel injector nozzles. Also over the years poor quality fuel, short journeys or high mileage's carbon deposits do build up in the fuel system and engine blocking it up and in turn the injectors, this causes injector issues as they can't spray correctly. Also inlet systems become thick with carbon due to their EGR systems which restricts and chokes the engine thus causing loss of power and MPG, lumpy running and often fail an MOT.

How the FORTRON machine works is we disconnect your fuel system from your fuel tank, this machine is a direct replacement for your vehicles fuel and fuel tank for the 30+ minutes your vehicle is undergoing the FORTRON treatment. We run our machine to the correct manufacturers fuel pressure for your vehicle, we then run your vehicle off our machine, running it on our special FORTRON cleaning chemical process, which as the engine runs pre-combustion it cleans the fuel system, lines, injectors, inlet, cylinder head all the way threw to post-combustion to the exhaust system, turbocharger, lambda sensors, catalytic convertor and DPF removing carbon deposits and restoring lost power.

Regular services of the fuel rail and fuel injector system with the FORTRON Injector Max machine will remove these unwanted deposits and ensure engine efficiency and reliability. A FORTRON Injector Max treatment will remove all deposits from the fuel rail through to fuel injectors without damaging the engine, fuel pump or fuel lines. This will give instantly recognisable results to power and fuel efficiency and return your vehicle to how it used to feel when it was new.

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