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Benefits of Vehicle ECU Remapping

  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Safer Overtaking
  • ECU Remapping £250 + VAT


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ECU Remapping - What is it?

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the "brain" of the engine. Amongst other things it reads, understands and makes decisions based on the accelerator pedal demand angle, engine temperature and oxygen content in the burnt exhaust gases. Dependant on this data, it will control the correct quantity of fuel to provide a mix of fuel economy, performance and emission control.

The practice of remapping is to first read the ECU's processor of a vehicle's standard map and then to adjust various parameters within that map. As an example: fuel pressure, boost pressure (turbocharged engines) and ignition advance. When carried out correctly, this process will successfully unlock engine performance.

ECU programming will improve power and torque figures, increase throttle response and widen the power-band, resulting in a more flexible engine and a much sharper drive.

Another major benefit of remapping is a reduction in fuel consumption. Extra torque at the bottom of the rev range requires less throttle input on acceleration and when maintaining steady speeds. The vehicle can also be driven in a higher gear at slower speeds, thus reducing revs, and this also applies to driving when fully loaded, towing or driving through elevation changes.

ECU Remapping is a safe process. It is just allowing the engine to perform as it can and should do without the compromises.


Improved fuel economy
Increased horsepower
Increased torque
Better throttle response
Smoother power delivery
Safer overtaking

With our Remapping files we can often offer other services like:

Economy Remapping
Performance Remapping
DSG Transmission Tuning
EGR Delete
Hard Cut Limiter
Hot Start Fix
RPM Raise
Lambda / O2 Removal
Launch Control
MAF Removal
Speed Limiter Removal
Start Stop Disable
Swirl Flap Removal
DPF Solutions

ECU Remapping for Power and Performance

Our performance remapping option delivers significant gains in raw power which results in a new lease of life for your vehicle.

Our performance software is developed to maintain manufacturer reliability levels and original service intervals whilst delivering a huge gain in power and torque of up to 30% which gives better throttle response, faster acceleration and most often, better fuel economy.

HYDROFLOW - Engine Decarbonising Treatment Along with general internal engine cleaning It can also help to clean and unblock a DPF without removing it from the vehicle. The Hydrogen gas continues to work post combustion in the exhaust system, turbo, EGR & DPF. Because of this It should also be considered as a annual treatment as this would play a major part in preventing a DPF and issue's developing.

FORTRON INJECTOR MAX - Fuel Injector Cleaning Treatment Along with Injector cleaning It can also help to clean and unblock a DPF without removing it from the vehicle, it does this with a special chemical process within the gases post combustion by lowering the regeneration temperature to make it easier to reach. It should also be considered as a annual treatment, this would play a major part in preventing DPF and other issues developing.

ECU Remapping for Economy

A major benefit of remapping is a reduction in fuel consumption. We adjust the ECU profile to both widen the power-band and give extra torque at the bottom of the rev range which then requires less throttle input on acceleration and when maintaining steady speeds. The vehicle can also be driven in a higher gear at slower speeds, thus reducing revs, and this also applies to driving when fully loaded, towing or driving through elevation changes.

Combining our tuning with an adjustment in driving style to exploit the extra low end torque will give an immediate improvement in fuel consumption. Our most effective results come from turbo-diesel engines where we have seen fuel savings as high as 20%.

What is an EGR Delete

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is a nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions reduction technique used in petrol/gasoline and diesel engines. EGR works by recirculating a portion of an engines exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders. This dilutes the O2 within the incoming air stream and provides gases, inert to combustion, to act as absorbents of combustion heat in order to reduce peak in-cylinder temperatures. NOx is produced in a narrow band of high cylinder temperatures and pressures. However, the valves can become clogged with carbon deposits, causing them to fail or stick, thereby causing error codes and the vehicle to not run correctly. Our solution is a simple and effective method of improving the efficiency. TyreMarks Tuning software disables the EGR valve, and results in lowered engine temperatures, improved throttle response and better economy. It can also increase engine life by reducing oil contamination and carbon deposits.

DSG Transmission Tuning

Increased Shift Response, Torque Limiter Modifications and RPM Limiter Adjustments Our custom written DSG transmission upgrades are designed to improve gearbox shift speed, response and smoothness. This tuning option can include launch control, shift and torque limiter functions and setting adjustments to give the driver the best possible driving experience.

Increased Shift Response

Shift response can be improved by up to 20% and paddle-reaction-time by up to 40% (in Sport mode) which provides a smoother gear to gear transition reduces clutch slip under full acceleration and helps protect the clutch from premature failure.

Torque Limiter Modifications

Through DSG control unit tuning we release the extra torque produced from your engine whilst ensuring the safe performance of all mechanical moving hardware within the DSG transmission.

RPM Limiter Adjustments

The DSG has control of RPM limiters for each gear. Increasing these shift points gives the driver further control and command of the engine's power in the upper RPM ranges

Launch Control

TyreMarks Tuning Launch control Software manages the amount of power to the wheels optimum traction is achieved. From 2-4 MPH the RPM is limited to 2500-2750rpm. Once the pre-determined speed is reached the RPM Limiter will automatically move to normal RPM and from that point maximum power is allowed.

Hard Cut - "Popcorn" Limiter

On some ECU's we can also offer a Hard Cut Limiter often know as a Popcorn limiter. We can reprogram the cars ECU to cut the fueling at a set RPM making the revs bounce off the limiter giving a popping sound just like you get on a WRC rally car when being driven flat out. Most stock diesel vehicles will hit the pre-set rpm limiter and will stay at that exact rpm point until the driver changes gear (soft cut limiter). However, with a popcorn limiter applied the engine will bounce at the limiter in a similar way to a petrol vehicle (hard cut limiter).

Hot Start Fix

If a PD Diesel engine starts easily and quickly when cold but struggles to start when hot, this is described as a Hot Start Problem. These diesel engines are started by an ECU and not by the driver. Pressing the accelerator pedal has no effect during a starting procedure. Starting is actually controlled by a "starting map" in the ECU and is based on starter/engine speed (rpm) and injected fuel quantity (IQ). Generally, the ECU will not allow start fuel injection until the engine rpm is above a fixed map value. Such problems can occur from low battery charge, engine coolant temperature sensor faults or the starter motor itself. However, the problem may be the actual Hot Start Map within the ECU. If this is the case, TyreMarks Tuning can help. Contact us for more details.

Diesel Particulate Filter Solutions

The purpose of a Diesel Particulate Filter - DPF is to collect exhaust soot particles emitted especially on start-up and when the engine is running below it's optimum operating temperature. The DPF collects the soot particles in an exhaust section close to the engine, but as with any filter they have to be emptied regularly to maintain performance. For a DPF this process is called "Regeneration", this only happens at certain times, the engine and exhaust has to reach a specific temperature, the engine kept within a constant RPM range for a certain period, generally on dual carriageways and motorways, the filter is then superheated and the soot is burned off during the regeneration cycle of the DPF.

We're seeing a lot of evidence of DPF systems failing to regenerate even on cars used mainly on motorways. DPFs are designed to last in excess of 100,000 miles but in reality a lot don't make that mileage. In fact our worst case so far we had a vehicle in with less than 2k miles on the clock and the filter was 78% blocked! This was very extreme, but a lot of cars used around town and rarely taken on long runs often fail at 60k onwards.

On modern day cars with a very high sixth gear ratios, the engine RPM may be too low to generate sufficient exhaust temperature for the regeneration process to take place even on the longest of runs. Occasional driving in a lower gear (using 5th rather than 6th on a motorway) to maintain a higher RPM is recommended, if this helps the regeneration process to happen successfully the small amount of extra fuel used is a minor cost compared to the cost of a breakdown caused by a blocked DPF.

DPF regeneration will be initiated by the ECU every 300+ miles depending on vehicle use and will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You may notice and a puff of smoke from the exhaust but that is about all you will notice.

So what are my DPF options?

If your DPF or Anti-Pollution warning light comes on, don't ignore it. Leaving it will ultimately end up in a breakdown and more than likely additional repair costs too. Once your light is on, your DPF will already be significantly blocked. So at this stage you realistically only have a few options:

Forced DPF Regeneration: We can force your vehicle to regenerate on the spot with our diagnostic equipment, generally once your light has come on this isn't very successful due to the DPF being severely blocked by this time.

DPF Cleaning: We can remove your DPF from your vehicle and use a cleaner fluid through it, this can be time consuming but with better results than above.

DPF Replacement: We can replace the DPF section of the exhaust just like you would a more common back box or center section etc. These are expensive and often very time consuming to replace, although now often an after market option is available for most vehicles with a massive saving on main dealer prices.

DPF Delete: If you have had your DPF internals removed, we can recalibrate your ECU to eliminate the DPF side of it, as though the DPF never existed and stop the DPF warning light coming on in future. Consumers must be aware of the legal implications of this being carried out. Whilst removal of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is possible on many vehicles it is currently prohibited by UK law and is not recommended by us. DPF removal is legal in certain countries and when used for off-road use only. Please contact us for more information

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